Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Favorite Virtual Worlds

I am now kind of addicted to two virtual worlds:

So, they're both fun and cool! You get to make friends, buy clothes, and the avatars are pretty cute! Mostly girls go on there, and again they're pretty fun to play in. Woozworld even has WoozIn, where you post statuses and you can comment to friends' statuses or give them a "ThumbsUp". Ourworld also has an android and iPad app so you don't have to use the computer to play. Games are coming soon on the tablet version, so the app is still not the best, but check it out! Also, Woozworld has an iOS app (yeah, it sucks that they don't have an android app yet) where you can use WoozIn and buy clothes. You can't access the world on the Woozworld app, which kinda sucks. Both worlds are awesome and I love them. I just wanted to share this information with you. I know about 10 more virtual worlds that are cool too, so let me know by email if you want them! :D my email=

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